Service and repair

Garage door service and repair

You need to service your garage door regularly. This will help your door and motor run smoothly and last longer. We recommend you service your garage door every 12 months.

We provide professional and affordable garage door service and repair. Our standard service includes:

  • a safety check
  • adjusting tracks and spring tension
  • checking cables, bearings, hinges and wheels
  • lubricating moving parts
  • checking and adjusting automatic openers.

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Emergency repairs

If your door’s broken and you need it repaired urgently we’ll make it a priority. Call us on 0402 344 132 and we’ll get there as soon as we can.

Garage door springs

The metal springs on a garage door are used to open and close the door. They take the weight off the door and the motor. Broken garage door springs can be a real problem in Canberra because of our extreme temperatures. The springs expand in the heat and contract in the cold. This will eventually cause them to break, which is very dangerous.

To avoid broken garage door springs they need to have the correct tension. If the tension isn’t right, it means there’s extra pressure on the spring.  It also means your automatic opener may not work.

A broken spring can be more than just an inconvenience. It can be a serious safety and security issue. We can replace springs on any type of garage door. We’ll aim for same day service for broken springs.

Don’t try to fix the door yourself if the springs are broken. Garage doors are very heavy. If you try to lift a door with a broken spring it can fall and injure you. Call us straight away and we’ll organise a time to come and see you.