There have been numerous requests concerning municipality associations and shift work systems that are not satisfied with the agreements on building management/management rights put in place by the developer and what the association or system can do against these regulations. If an executive officer wants to change the structure of his administrative costs, shouldn`t he include them in the agenda and discuss them with the owner company at the general meeting? Do you have a question about renewing the administrative agency agreement or something to add to the article? Leave a comment below. Hello, my friend and I moved into a new apartment building with a strata manager appointed by the original developer before the shift work plan was registered. We were one of the first inmates to move in in July of this year and a working committee has not yet been appointed. If things went wrong in the last 6 months, we were the only ones to warn the strata manager, along with a few of us. Last week, we received the news of the general meeting the day after its general meeting. That is why no one appeared and the general meeting was postponed until the end of January 2020. Yesterday, however, the director of the strata sent my friend and I their strategic management agreement for a period of 3 years and asked us to sign it. We don`t want to sign because a) we don`t want to be held responsible for anything b) a strata committee has not been formed, so we don`t believe it`s our personal responsibility and c) we and some residents are not happy with the strata manager. I am looking for advice if the Strata manager can ask us to sign the agreement in our personal capacity before a Strata committee is even appointed? A number of legal and practical issues arise when proposing to acquire a post management agency and make the most of the acquired activity. The court may appoint a person designated as a position management officer: you must review the software that your proposed post manager uses on its client portal and how it can be manipulated to obtain meaningful and easy-to-find information for owners.

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