Insulating your garage door

When the cold weather kicks in, so do the heating costs. Your house is insulated to save energy but many people don’t consider garage door insulation.

Insulating your garage door can significantly reduce your energy costs. The garage is often an entry into your home. This means the temperature in your garage can impact the energy efficiency of your whole house.

ThermaDoor garage door insulation stops you losing heat from your garage in winter and keeps the heat out in summer. It also adds an attractive feature to the inside of your garage, making it feel more like another room in the house.

Adding ThermaDoor Insulation will also make your door run more quietly. You’ll also get less noise from outside. This is particularly helpful if you live on a busy road or street and your garage opens directly into your home.

We can fit ThermaDoor garage door insulation on any new or existing sectional garage door. It’s a construction grade expanded polystyrene (EPS) panel. It’s hard wearing and easy to clean.

ThermaDoor insulation is also Australian owned and manufactured.

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