Most people in England and Wales have no will in place. Wills are very important documents because they allow you to illustrate how you want to distribute your property and property after you die. It`s really important that you update your WIll when you get divorced. As with most cases during divorce, there is no perfect solution that suits both parties. Before applying for a mesher command, it is important to be aware of how they work, various problems that may arise and alternative options. If you are considering a divorce and are looking for a Mesher medal as a solution to your problem, you may want to consider it as a last resort. The above factors must be fully considered and you should seek legal advice at an early stage in order to obtain tailored advice on your family and financial circumstances. In many cases, a mesher order may be the best way to meet the immediate housing needs of your children and children, which will always be the primary concern and consideration of the courts when deciding what will happen to your property during a divorce. It took the obvious and most important practical effect of a Mesher v Mesher and Hall [1980] 1 All ER 126 2 ordered: the deferred sale of the old marriage (without exception). As much as it is undesirable that the parties wait for the proceedings before the property that is the subject of the Order mesher is sold or the share of a part is realized, however, the Mesher Order plays a role on the scene of financial remedies. The Mesher order is a deferral of the exercise of a trust for the sale of a property, followed by the sharing of the proceeds of the sale when the youngest child in the family is usually 18 years old.

Meser`s court order was that the old marriage should be held equally for the parties and that the house should not be sold as long as the child of the family was under 17 years of age or until another contract. The woman stayed in the house and had to pay expenses and half of the principal repayments, but also lived in the property without rent. The percentage of the proceeds from the sale is generally determined at the time of ordering, but this is not necessarily the case when, for example, the obstruction of a party makes the future difficult to predict. 3 The Mesher order is in many ways similar to the frequently used royalty mechanism, except that the Mesher order may have the net proceeds of the sale for the division following the sale. The deferred charge is the case where one party transfers the property to the party and the other party has a fee in its favour, which is only feasible for certain “trigger” events, such as the youngest child. B.dem of the family, who is 18 years old. One of the advantages of Mesher`s order is that it respects the legal obligation to first consider the welfare of a child in the family under the age of 184.

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