If you are involved in a merger or acquisition or other change in the structure of the business, which means that you must transfer data to another organization, it is important to ensure that you take data sharing into account as part of your due diligence. It may be necessary to perform a DPIA to assess the risks posed by this transfer. We will review and update this agreement on a regular basis. The changes will take effect when they are published on our website and will apply to any subsequent transfer of shared data from that date. They must take the appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security adapted to the risk of this agreement: data lists are often shared by data agents, credit agencies, political parties and even marketing agencies. The draft OIC code clearly states: “You are responsible for complying with the laws relating to the data you receive and the data that is shared on your behalf. They must conduct appropriate investigations and audits of the data, including its source and consent.¬†Many companies have to share personal data with other organizations. This may be reciprocal or one-sided, employees of another company may have access to your data for a particular purpose or to several organizations that share information, etc. This data sharing can be a regular activity or an ad hoc case. You keep a specific record of the security measures you have taken and provide us with these statements upon request. You must regularly test security measures to assess the effectiveness of measures to ensure the security, confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of the data disclosed, as well as compliance with this Agreement and data protection provisions.

The data sharing agreement applies if IMEX (Regent Exhibitions Limited or any of our group companies) shares certain personal data with you as a spokesperson, exhibitor, sponsor or other separate data manager working with us. Given the benefits of sharing personal data with you, you agree to meet the following conditions. Please read the Definitions section at the end of this agreement. Individuals have the right to obtain certain information about the processing of their personal data (including the data disclosed) through a request for access to persons. In certain circumstances, individuals may also request the correction, deletion or blocking of their personal data and exercise other rights. You should therefore endeavour to register individual requests from the individuals concerned, including decisions taken and actions taken. Data protection legislation has never prevented you from doing so and the RGPD is no different. However, you must ensure that your data sharing is legal, fair and transparent and that you adhere to other fundamental principles of data protection. This agreement does not apply to situations in which we transmit personal data to third parties acting as our data processor, in which case our data processing contract applies, unless otherwise agreed. You must comply with this agreement and your obligations under data protection legislation regarding all disclosed data that will be disclosed to you under this Agreement. You must provide us with a copy of your privacy policy upon request.

The draft code is a long document and the document above gives only an overview of some important considerations. On the DPN, we will stay informed of the progress of the code from the project until the final publication. You must ensure that you process the leaked data under one or more of the legal bases established by data protection legislation. You free IMEX from any claims by third parties or regulators arising from non-compliance with your obligations under this Agreement or, by any other means, data protection legislation. All disclosed data remains the property of IMEX if these property rights are created by law. We`re going to

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